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    Sometimes The Darkness Seems All Around

    And The friendly Voices Of Loved Ones Are Silent
    When The Walls Close In
    All You See Is The Mirrored Image
    Of A Lost Heart
    Will That Peace Come Back?
    Other Voices, Unknown Voices
    Echoing In My Head
    Have You Ever Felt So
    When Nothing Seems Right
    When They Will Never Be Again
    Nothing to Hold
    Empty Arms, Empty Heart
    Walk A lonely Path
    An Empty One
    Never Ending
    Do You Know that Feeling
    Of Not Being Heard?
    I Am Caling Out
    Can You Hear that Cry?
    Between The Darkness And The Light
    Between The Joy And The Sadness
    Will I Be Who I Am Meant To Be?
    I Must Come Back Into The Light To Know
    Must Leave The Darkness Behind
    Help Me


    Heart Songs On The Wind

    When the heart speaks, angels listen
    When you sing from the heart, all listen
    It is up to us to help them understand
    To see with the eyes of their heart
    If is only one person who takes up the song
    Sings to others on the winds of peace
    That one voice will add harmony to your song
    Will reach many more hearts
    By standing as one
    When a song is written
    A heart beat at a time
    Heart Songs on the wind
    Floats on the breeze
    To the wounded hearts
    Who cry out for one who understands
    A bond is formed, healing begins
    Song from one who cares
    Listen to the winds that sing
    Of love and unity
    Open your heart and soul
    To Heart Songs on the wind

    BarTendersBluesWolf~December 10, 2005.


    Helping Others Find Their Wings
    Flying On The Winds Of Peace
    Strong Of Soul, True Of Heart
    Never Over Shadowed
    Standing In The Light
    Standing By Each Other's Side
    Accepting, Never Changing Who You Are
    Believing In Who You Are
    Standing Tall Together
    Legends Of The Heart


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